We invest in
for an uncommonly long period of time.

Our Portfolio

Interested in selling all
or part of your business?

We try to be the buyer we’d want if we were selling.
That means…

We’re fast, fair, and execute

We move at your pace and can close in as few as 14 days.

We keep things simple

We focus on the few variables that really matter.

We don’t have a clock on our money

We don’t use bank debt and we don’t have LPs demanding a return.

We invest for the future

We’re not looking to financially engineer your business to “get our money out,” change the culture, or flip the company in a few years.

We are flexible

We can buy the entire company or relish our role as a silent minority shareholder, helping out where we can add value.

Our investments usually fall

into one of these categories.


You’ve built a great business from the ground up. It’s profitable (between $500k and $3m), but you’re wanting to either take some chips off the table or sell the business and move on.


You've got a durable market position, proven profitability, and need capital to grow or acquire.


You’ve got a co-founder that wants to leave, early employees who want to cash out, or a large shareholder that needs to exit and you want to add a friendly face.

We look for:

Proven track record (more than 3 years)
Profits (between $500k - $10m)
High Margins
Good returns on capital (not a lot of debt)
A simple business model that your parents would understand
A history of fair dealings with customers, employees, and vendors
We’re ok with you sticking around, leaving, or transitioning over time.
If this sounds like a fit, get in touch.
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Who we are

Shane Parrish

Shane Parrish, is the founder and CEO of Farnam Street Media Inc., a privately held media company. Mr. Parrish is also on the board of Tiny, a publicly traded investment company focused on acquiring majority stakes in e-commerce businesses that it expects to hold and operate over the long term.

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